Watch Why Did Representative Liz Harris Get Expelled From the House? News Video

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“See ya later, Liz! (Or maybe not.)

“Arizona state Rep. Liz Harris, an election denier and a spreader of the QAnon conspiracy theory, was expelled from the Arizona House of Representatives on Wednesday after a bipartisan vote booted her for using a hearing to spread conspiracy theories about fellow Arizona officials being involved in crime.

“The Republican, who in November was elected to the GOP-controlled Legislature for the first time, served three months before being kicked out.

“A report from the Arizona House Ethics Committee found that Harris had engaged in “disorderly behavior” in February, when she invited a local insurance agent to testify before a joint committee of House and Senate members to falsely accuse multiple Arizona officials of taking bribes from a Mexican drug cartel to affect the outcomes of the 2020 and 2022 elections.”

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