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Watch WikiLeaks Reveals US Bullying Europe for Monsanto Interests Video | Genetically Modified World

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Watch WikiLeaks Reveals US Bullying Europe for Monsanto Interests Video | Genetically Modified World

Aw. And who ever said that the United States government didn’t have corporate interests at heart…

The move to a genetically modified world just took a step closer to becoming frighteningly real with the WikiLeaks revelation that the US government, on behalf of industry giant Monsanto, is pressuring European countries to adopt genetically modified food and seeds.

Somehow I just don’t think Europe is going to be very happy about that at all…

This actually makes me quite sick to my stomach thinking about it happening. Monsanto is so thoroughly screwing over so many farmers in the Unites States… What’s going to happen to Europe?

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  1. Koos K. Luns

    January 4, 2011 at 7:05 am

    As a European citizen, it’s immensely frustrating to watch the European Commission’s disregard of consumers, pushing on to respond positively to the biotech lobby in Brussels despite the outcome of the latest Eurobarometer on Biotechnology, Fig 13 page 37 “Europeans and Biotechnology in 2010, winds of change?”.
    It simply says: ‘61% of European citizens do not want GM-crops’. Period. Is the background and intellectual level of persons like Manuel Barroso (EC Pres in his second mandate) and John Dalli (Commr for Health and Consumer Policy, haha) preventing them to grasp that they are using their preciously gained mandates against the citizens’ will? Evidently.
    I want to congratulate West TV Hub on covering so extensively the issue of suspect governments that co-operate quite openly on suspect crops, with suspect multinationals. The performance of Barack Obama on this issue has been dreadful up-to-date. His launching of a GM-adept like Vilsack in the USDA shows clearly how he was ‘shaved’ by the corporate lobby in Washington. Should he have kept his promise of going for a GM-label on food, he would have closed a pit of serpents that are now propagating freely across the globe.
    As a European citizen, I sincerely hope that the European farmer will be saved from the curse that befell the US and Canadian farmers, who are now stuck with ill-performing GM crops, with degraded agricultural lands and super weeds that don’t respond anymore to the company-prescribed herbicides.
    From the Norsemen deliver us, O Lord…

  2. Jaime McDougall

    January 4, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    I’m crossing fingers for you, Koos, and for all of Europe. If Europe doesn’t stand up against GM crap, then I don’t know what will become of the rest of the countries who clearly don’t want it either…

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