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5 Funny Local TV Commercials | Low Budget Advertising at Its Best (and Worst)

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5 Funny Local TV Commercials | Low Budget Advertising at Its Best (and Worst)

TelevisionI’ve always been rather fascinated with television commercials. When a company only has 30 seconds or so to catch your attention, they’ve got to be creative and come up with something memorable.

Small, local businesses don’t have the big budgets of larger, national companies. So they often make up for it with over-the-top ads. Some of them are innovative, others are so terrible you can’t help but laugh. Here are some of the funniest local commercials on the web for your viewing pleasure.

Reverend Rob Sticks It to the Man

This commercial for a used car dealership in Charlotte, NC pokes fun at the whole healing televangelist thing. The poor cross-dressing granny can’t get credit to buy herself the previously-owned car she needs so badly. But never fear, the big-haired Reverend Rob comes to the rescue to heal her credit!

It’s Just Like a Mini-Mall… Really!

This epic commercial features a guy rapping about how his flea market is just like a mini-mall. It must be a hard sell, because he spends over two minutes trying to convince us. But his attempts at rapping and dancing, along with his creepy facial expressions, are well worth watching the whole thing for.

Pimp My Credit

Similar to the first commercial, this one has a well-dressed credit savior. But instead of a reverend, he’s a pimp. I don’t know about you, but the lovable pimp just makes me want to run out and buy a used car right now.

Free Trunk Monkey With Car Purchase

This ad is promoting one of the most awesome freebies I’ve ever seen from a new car dealer: A trunk monkey! What parents wouldn’t want this little guy in the car with their teenage daughter when she’s on a date? He might be a pain to clean up after, though.

Bizarre Furniture Commercial

This is one of the strangest commercials I’ve seen. It has a guy whispering about getting credit for furniture in a room full of mannequins. Except one of the mannequins is actually a real person with an agenda, and that agenda is the most bizarre part of all.

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