You can tell when Ann Coulter has a new boom out because she visits every television show that will have her on to plug the damn thing. Then all she does is try and wind the host or hosts up until they have an argument with her.

I made my feelings about Ann Coulter quite clear when I covered her appearance on NBC’s Today Show last week. I can’t stand the woman. But I’m also strangely drawn to watching clips of her talking. Maybe I’m a sucker for a good fight, which means this clip from The View is like soft porn for me.

Coulter seems to go on shows determined to get into a fight, so she comes prepared with accusations and sound bites she knows will prompt the presenters to bite. Unfortunately, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherry Shepherd, and even Barbara Walters all fell into her trap.

It’s not surprising that Whoopi Goldberg, a black single mother who is also an actress, felt anger towards Coulter, as black single mother actresses are one of the groups Coulter goes after in her vile tome.

Seriously, when will America wake up and see what Coulter is doing? Whether she believes the shit she writes or not is unimportant – just know that she is only writing it to sell books and make lots of money.

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