AvotmV Mobile Video Search | Watch Your Favorite Video Clips On Your CellPhone

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AvotmV LogoHave you ever wished you could watch your favorite clips from WebTVHub and sites such as YouTube, Google Video and DailyMotion on your mobile device?

Well now you can, with a new free application for your mobile phone or PDA called AvotmV.

It’s been developed by a company called Avot Media and the current version of the software (1.2) is in Beta testing, meaning your experience could shape the future of the product.

To start using the program, and having a whole host of video options open up to you on the move, simply go the main Avot Media site and download the small program, or go to the Avot Mobile Site using your phone’s browser.

This clever piece of software doesn’t just let you take your favourite videos off any website, it also helps you organize them in to playlists, either by name, or topic such as sports and music.

Demos Of How To Use AvotmV

Although the program is relatively easy to use, the makers have tried to help out people who may not be technically adept but still want to be able to watch online video clips anywhere, even if they aren’t at home.

Favourite Videos To Watch On The Move

So what sort of stuff can you watch using AvotmV? Well I thought it’d be a good time to look at some classic video clips which we here on WebTVHub have highlighted and written about over the last few month. Check this little lot out:-

Technical Issues

Obviously watching videos on your mobile or PDA means the screen size is limited, and also the quality of the video may suffer. AvotmV has tried to get around most of these problems by streaming the videos direct from the source, keeping the quality higher than you may be used to.

Videos will still take some time to download to your mobile device, but Avot Media use a clever codec which enables buffering speeds to be kept high, and bandwidth problems to be reduced.

AvotmV Screenshot

If you want to find out more about the AvotmV application, the Avot Blog has all the latest news and updates on the system.

Overall it’s a very clever piece of software which makes watching online videos on the go easy and enjoyable. If you start using the program, let me know what you think of it by commenting.

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