Brian Belo Big Brother 8 Video | “What’s Romeo & Juliet?” & “Who Is Shakespeare?”

38 sec read

With less than a week left until the Big Brother 8 final, all attention has turned to who is likely to walk out of the house as the winner, and consequently be £100,000 richer.

I’ve backed Brian for weeks now, as he’s normal, down to earth, funny and a nice guy to boot. It’s moments like this one which has endeared Brian to the whole nation.

At this time, Brian and Charley were staying in the Big Brother caravan, hence Charley‘s nice hat. Liam asks Brian about Romeo and Juliet.

Not only has Brian never heard of the play, he doesn’t know who Shakespeare is, probably the greatest writer and playwright ever to live.

OK, so that proves that Brian is a bit thick, but it’s the way he reacts that makes us love him. Nicky tries her best to help him understand, but she was fighting a losing battle.

The Big Brother 2008 final is this coming Friday, and I think either Brian, Liam or Sam & Amanda will win. My money is on Brian, and that’s where my vote will be going.


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