I’m no fan of Britney Spears, either her music, or her lifestyle, but you’ve got to have a bit of sympathy when you see videos such as these.

Britney has just popped out for a coffee at Starbucks, something a lot of us do on a weekly basis, but we don’t don’t have to put up with hundreds of paparazzi following us everywhere we go.

They stand around taking pictures of her doing the most mundane things, and then chat to her as if she’s their friend or something, whereas she probably hates their guts.

What’s worse is that this video was titled on YouTube as Get The FUCK Away From My Car!, focussing on Britney losing her rag, rather than the scummy paparazzi acting terribly.

It’s really no wonder Britney went off the rails, as she’s had this kind of attention since she was a teenager. If I had to put up with that, I think I’d do more than just shave my head!

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