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Bradley Manning has been cleared of aiding the enemies of the United States, but still faces up to 136 years in jail for crimes related to the leaking of classified materials.

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How To Watch Beijing 2008 Olympics OnlineThe Beijing 2008 Olympic Games kick off on August 8th, and the Web will be an important destination for sport lovers who want to be able to watch all of the action from their favorite events online.

Here is a list of the places online where lovers of the Games will be able to catch all of the action. Some are legal, while others may be frowned upon, but all are legitimate ways of seeing the Olympics online.

Official Coverage

NBC Olympics Logo

NBC Olympics

American residents will be able to watch over 2,200 hours of coverage live on

The success of the coverage will be used as a yardstick to see whether the Web is a legitimate location for hosting coverage of events such as this.

However, with severe restrictions it is alienating a larger potential audience.

BBC Olympic Coverage

The the BBC’s Olympic coverage looks like the best deal with fair and wide coverage of the events. Unfortunately it is only available within the UK.

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It’s no question that illegally downloading music (as well as other forms of media) is one of the greatest issues that the 21st century has brought on. In this funny Public Service Announcement, Kid Rock proposes a new idea…

“Level the playing field…steal everything!

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banned youtube videos

How many times have you tried to view that “perfectly legal” video on YouTube only to encounter: “This video has been removed at the request of [insert evil company name here] because its content was used without permission”?

Have no fear, Delutube is here! “The Deleted YouTube Video Viewer”.

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south park episodes for free

There’s no doubt that the TV industry has been shaken up by the writers’ strike. And Viacom’s newest move is a mirror image of that effect. Next year, Comedy Central will be making each of the 167 full episodes (from series 1 to series 11) of South Park to be streamed online for free…

For Free!!!

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The PirateBayThe PirateBay, a popular torrent website that allows you to find pirate video to download using Torrent Software, has announced it will be starting a new video streaming website with “PirateBay mentality”.

While many are speculating that it is going to take the form of a YouTube style site that will be packed with illegal videos I don’t think that will be the case.

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If you are not that technical with computers then you might want to skip to the next article right now. Sopcast is an underground P2P internet TV player that allows you to access a variety of regular TV channels from around the world, much like the controversial TVUPlayer.

Here is a sweet little plugin/hack that allows you to watch the streaming TV content on your living room TV using the Xbox Media Center (or other media extenders/PCs) over a home network.

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South Park

Below is a list of South Park Series 10 episodes which you can watch right now online for free.

You can make these videos full screen usuaully by clicking on the video image as it plays or clicking a zoom button (if it’s there). This will make it fit your full browser window, to make it even bigger press F11 which will make the South Park video take up even more of your screen.

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Below is an interesting video with actor Jack Black asking people to “not be a douche” and stay away from pirated copies of videos and music.

He claims that piracy results in actors losing out on money which results in actors losing their inspiration, which in turn leads to the end of movies, music and other entertainment as we know it.

Well just in case you were worried that piracy was emptying the pockets of actors and music artists then take a look at what Jack Black was paid for some of his recent successful movies, obviously this wasn’t enough:

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The new controversial TVUPlayer has appeared on the internet and could be the TV studio’s biggest enemy since Napster. This new player allows you to potentially watch any television channel in the world on your PC.

Channels featured on TVUPlayer currently include CBS, ESPN, NBA TV, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Comedy Central, Disney and more, including sports channels.

This already impressive lineup of channels is available from any internet enabled PC in the world and could potentially expand to include many more channels.

It is my understanding the system works where one person records live TV and streams it to the internet. This stream is then redistributed by other people who are watching the channel.

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