Are you still under the misguided impression that religious people are sane? Then this video clip may set you right. It shows the miracle of Cheesus – Jesus found in the form of a Cheeto. I kid you not.

The Holy Father has been seen in a number of everyday objects over the years but this Cheeto Jesus is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The way the guy has kept a potato chip in a presentation box makes me want to call him a psychiatrist.

I do believe in God and I do believe a man named Jesus walked the Earth a couple of thousand years ago. However, I don’t believe everything that’s in the Bible in the literal way many Christians do and I also don’t believe Jesus would choose to come back as a potato chip.

The people at the end are even madder than the guy who found Cheesus. They appear on camera describing why they believe this Cheeto is actually Jesus… and not just a potato chip which vaguely looks like a bearded guy. Oh my God.

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