NHL Accident Video | Chicago Blackhawks’ Adam Burish’s Throat Cut Open During Game

36 sec read

This video is the reason why I would never play ice hockey. In fact, I’d probably never even go ice skating for fun due to the possibility of this happening. Chicago Blackhawks’ Adam Burish is lucky to be alive.

It shows Burish getting his throat sliced by the blade of one of his teammate’s skates. The ice skate comes up level with Burish’s head and then across his neck, cutting his throat open in the full view of the crowd there and the television audience.

The replay is really quite horrible to watch, especially when they slow it down in order to show the full spectacle unfolding before our eyes. I wince every time I watch it even though I know the player is OK.

The thing is that it could have been so much worse. If the blade had been higher at the point of contact or swung past with more force then Burish could have bled to death on the ice due to a simple accident. Seriously scary.


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