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Chimpanzee Video | Jealous Ape Goes Psycho on Stuffed Chimp

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Chimpanzee Video | Jealous Ape Goes Psycho on Stuffed Chimp

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Japanese TV shows?

Meet Pan Kun. He’s possibly one of the most famous chimps in Japan; he and his bulldog buddy, James, have their own TV show. They go on picnics, shop for groceries and plant rice in the paddy.

In this particular skit, Pan Kun’s trainer decides to test Pan Kun’s loyalty. They go on a picnic, and the trainer proceeds to ignore him in favor of a stuffed chimpanzee and dog. You can see the confusion on the little feller’s face, and he doesn’t react very well.

It’s a cruel trick to play, especially on a poor animal that doesn’t know better. Nevertheless, it shows how animals mirror our emotions of rejection, sadness, affection and jealousy. Although, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to encourage chimps to go on a jealous rampage!

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1 Comment

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