CozmoTV | Free & Personal TV Channels from YouTube Videos

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CozmoTVEver thought it would be cool if all your favorite videos from sites like YouTube and MetaCafe all played continuously like a TV station, but with the extra feature of being able to fast forward between clips and also jump to any video at any given time.

Well there is something that can do just that and it is called CozmoTV. It is still being tweaked and tested behind the scenes in its internet factory but for the most part it’s ready to use.

There are a variety of personal and niche channels already and if you want you can sign up to make your own.

Check out these CozmoTV Channels:

Just looking at all these channels you realize the possibility for niche channels is endless. In fact if you simply search for a keyword CozmoTV will do its best to make a channel for you. Even Tom Cruise could have his own makeshift Scientology channel.

Borat Videos Channel

I decided to go with my favorite CozmoTV channel and show it here:


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