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Dane Cook Hits Two Million Friends on Myspace (vid)

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Dane Cook Hits Two Million Friends on Myspace (vid)

And he just had to tell us all about it, didn’t he?! Well, at least I can say that it is a really creative way to tout his special “friend” mark, which it appears is the icon noting ones networking skills, or I guess here, popularity… ah, high school again.

Anywho, it looks like I’m way behind with my measly 45 friends (which I thought was pretty dang good considering I rarely do anything on there except private message one friend on a regular basis and update my mood status).

But I wanted to share this video to applaud Dane Cook’s comedic creativity, as it is a funny skit. And wow, I thought Bob Saget was a little strange in the Full House days. Well, like C&C Music Factory said, “things that make you go, hmmmmm.”

Myspace can be addicting, but it can also being annoying as all get out and drive you batty. After my third attempt of trying to send a private message and my browser “unexpectedly quitting,” I was ready to chuck my computer out the window. But I regress. Enjoy Dane’s funny twist on the strangely addicting and ever-popular, Myspace.

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