Britain’s Got Talent has been making headlines around the world this year thanks to Susan Boyle, the Scottish singing sensation who has become an unlikely viral video phenomenon. But not all the performers are quite up to that standard.

Susan Boyle started it all on the first week, and then Shaheen Jafargoli carried on the trend in the second week. Who will stand out in the third episode of Britain’s Got Talent? Meet DJ Talent, who proves he has none of what his name implies he does.

DJ Talent is a 30-year-old who by day works for his dad’s engineering firm. But at night he transforms into DJ Talent, seemingly modeled on a combination of Eminem and Biggy Smalls, just with much less talent and more bling.

This guy is clearly just a chav who thinks that having gold teeth and wearing lots of gold jewelry automatically turns him into a rap artist. It doesn’t – he’s awful – and the panel have no problem in telling him so.

You see, we’re not a nation of missed talents, some of us are destined to always be stuck in our day jobs. And this guy is no exception, despite his five minutes of fame on national television.

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