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Amazing Giant Falling Hail Video | Deadly Knife-Like Ice Chunks Fall From The Sky

Don’t get me wrong, I love snow. But I wouldn’t risk my life to make a snow angel. You’ll see what...
Iman Peera
39 sec read

Liquid Helium Is A Superfluid Video | Displays Incredible Properties When Cooled Down

The only thing I know about helium is that in its gas form it makes you sound like Joe Pasquale on...
Dave Parrack
27 sec read

How To Make a HD Speaker From Scratch Video | Cheap Surround Sound Using Household Items

Due to the dollar weakening, some people are getting pretty desperate around the holidays. Take this man for example, who tries...
Iman Peera
28 sec read

Cool Science Experiment Video | Mix Tia Maria and Cream For This Awesome Effect

Forget using acids and chemicals, this science experiment is way cooler. And all you need to do it is a little...
Lauren Katulka
22 sec read

Comet Holmes Video | Comet Taped Moving and Exploding Through Space

Here she is, the mothership of all comets, Comet Holmes. Scientists and media took note of this comet a few weeks...
Julie Popp
33 sec read

HD Video Footage Of Earthrise & Earthset From Moon | Taken By The Kaguya Probe

This glorious video shows that nature, as well as being a cruel and fickle beast, can also be spectacularly gorgeous, as...
Dave Parrack
27 sec read

Blog Action Day Environment Video | A Call To Arms For Bloggers On October 15th 2007

October 15th has been chosen as the date for Blog Action Day, a hopefully global and inspiring event in which thousands...
Dave Parrack
36 sec read

Google Earth 4.2 Video | Includes New Ability To Explore The Sky & Space

The new version of Google Earth is upon us: Google Earth 4.2. This version adds the ability to explore the sky,...
Dave Parrack
27 sec read

Scivee | The Science World’s Answer to YouTube

The Internet was partly founded on the basis that educational establishments from around the world could share information quickly and easily,...
Andrew Macarthy
34 sec read

Educating People Online With The Futures Channel | An Online Television Channel For Teachers & Students

The Futures Channel bills itself as “Connecting learning to the real world.” That description of what the channel does is not...
Dave Parrack
46 sec read