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GodTube | Broadcasting God 24/7


GodTube | Broadcasting God 24/7

You’ve heard of YouTube and now you can praise the lord for GodTube, the video sharing website for Christians.

I’ve already discussed the instructional video sharing sites that show you how to do things, the travel video sharing site Travelistic and now we have GodTube, the niche video sharing site devoted to christianity.

The power of the internet to reach such specific audiences and bring people of similar interests together is only going to grow with sites like these.

GodTube’s mission it to use “technology to connect Christians for the purpose of encouraging and advancing the Gospel worldwide.”

I like the idea, but then I saw a video which is the sort of thing which annoys me about christianity. The need to keep reaffirming that God is real and making statment’s like "behold the athiest’s nightmare".

The atheists nightmare!

Below is a video which all atheists should fear because it shows how a banana fits snuggly perfectly into our hands so we can hold it, and hence must have been cleverly designed by God. I guess that means God must have cleverly designed Britney Spears’ mouth to deep throat.

I’m a bit biased since I studied evolution in my degree and know that a banana is shaped the way it is through millions of years of environmental pressure which favored its shape, probably so monkey’s hands could grab it easily and eat it. Then because they ate it the monkeys would shit the banana seed around the forest somewhere else, hence helping the banana tree to flourish.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against christianity, everyone has their own belefis and things which make them happy and I respect that. I just don’t like being told I have nightmare’s about bananas made by God.

[Via TechCrunch]

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