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Google Recruitment Video Spoof Remix

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Google Recruitment Video Spoof Remix

The above video is a remix of the Google recruitment advert, and does a great job of spoofing the original. First things first, has that woman got too many teeth or is just me?

In the best traditions of spoofs, the video has been cut together differently so as to make the participants and interviewees say things in a completely different way. I think we should take a look at the original for comparisons before going through the remix…

Take a Look at the Orignal

The remix is much shorter than the original, but does an equally good job of summing up the company and it’s working conditions.

Cutting footage of kids playing with paint and bouncy balls while the engineer talks about working with “the brightest people” is inspired.

Then we have the quick montage with Google descibed as a cult and an almost communist dictatorship. I’m sure that’s not true one iota, but it made me laugh anyway.

My favourite part of the video is the explanation of Google’s fabled 20% rule. The way it’s explained in the remix is 100% full time work with 20% extra work. Graphs and pie charts can prove anything!

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