Insane BASE Jump Video | Reverse Bungee Jump With Parachute Landing

34 sec read

Bungee jumping was all the rage some years ago, and it’s still a favorite pastime of adrenaline junkies everywhere. BASE jumping, a sport that involves jumping off of fixed objects and landing with the aid of a parachute, has become popular more recently. But what happens when you combine and reverse the two?

The results are shown in this video. A guy is attached to a bridge by a bungee cord and anchored to the ground, then let go to be catapulted up and over the bridge. He then cuts away from the cord, leaving him to fall the 400 feet back to the ground below. That’s where the parachute comes in handy.

This little stunt looks like a thrillseeker’s wet dream. As far as I’m concerned, it looks fun and all, but it also leaves me weak in the knees.

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