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iPhone Parody Video | Funny Spoof Of An iPhone Advert

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iPhone Parody Video | Funny Spoof Of An iPhone Advert

The Apple iPhone is an amazing bit of kit… allegedly. I mean, you’ll have to actually get hold of one before you can test that theory.

This video takes an advert for the phone and spins it on it’s head superbly. Instead of the text function being a boon, it now becomes a terrible thing to have.

What’s great about this vid is that I didn’t see what was coming until right at the end, and the delivery of the morbid punchline.

As with all great spoof videos, 99% of the elements involved look completely real, with just that 1% which twists the original concept completely.

I’ve done quite a few posts about the iPhone on here, from the…
lengths some people will go to get one, to…
a demonstration of it’s seemingly magical abilities.

But, even with all of those, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of spoof and fun videos surrounding the product.

They say all publicity is good publicity, which if it’s true, means Apple are on to a winner!

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