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Iron Man 3 | They Don’t teach French in Jail! (Video)

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Iron Man 3 | They Don’t teach French in Jail! (Video)

“First off, I feel like an ass****.” Too True. Cuz “First off, They Don’t teach French in jail!” Too true Tony Stark. Too True. Of course, this is a comedy act. You were indeed raised by wolves. Ugly Americans….another good show.

But just to clarify: He was not blaming her for his history or begrudging hers. Tony simply realized, when she spoke French so well, he was completely out of his element. His pretty assistant had to just prove herself to be very impressive.

His way of minimizing his own embarrassment was to draw exaggerated attention to BOTH her impressiveness AND his own ineptitude, a comic approach that successfully gained the crowd’s “forgiveness for his ignorance”, lightened the mood and put him IN his element. They’re both BRILLIANT!!!

Of course they’re both brilliant. Why else are they famous even as fake characters? But another fun fact: Most French won’t speak any language until they have perfected it. It’s just how they do things.

Fun Fact number two: Top 3 spoken are 1.Mandarin 2. English 3.Hindustani

So bring on the education! We’re all ignorant until we learn another language. Why not start now?

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