Obama Calls Kanye West A Jackass Video | President Has Opinion On VMAs Interruption

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America has huge problems at the moment, with healthcare reform splitting opinion down the middle and economic woes continuing despite attempts at bailing out the financial institutions.

And what are we all focusing on? Kanye West interrupting a young country singer at the MTV VMAs and bigging up Beyonce. Hell, even President Obama has an opinion on it! Although I’m not sure he wanted it broadcast to the world.

This is the audio from Barack Obama giving his views on the Kanye incident at the VMAs when he stopped Taylor Swift in mid-flow in order to praise Beyonce instead. He has since apologized to Jay Leno but that doesn’t make him less of a douche, just a douche who’s sorry.

Obama calls him “a jackass” in this clip, which is taken from a chat before an interview on more serious topics. The President even refers to the last time he was interviewed in this way, when he ended up being called a ninja for his fly-killing abilities!

Some people seem astonished that Obama has an opinion, on this or anything else. But why wouldn’t he? If anything, it’s comments such as these that remind us all he is just human. Which is better than being a chimp like George W. Bush.


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