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Top 10 Synchronized Christmas Light Display Videos | Impressive Even Without The Music

We are now less than a month away from Christmas, and everyone at last seems to be getting in the mood...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

Crazy Maury Povich Video | This Girl’s Petrified of Pickles!

When we posted about this guy and his peaches phobia, I didn’t think we’d ever see anything more ridiculous. I should...
Lauren Katulka
27 sec read

5 Sport Scandal Videos | Cheat, Lie and Steal… And That Is Not Just Bases

Sports scandals have cast shadows of doubt on many different types of sports and athletes for decades. It does seem that...
Julie Popp
1 min read

The Dust Mites Song Video | They May Cause Skin Allergies But They’re Cute!

This is a fun little video showing an animated rendition of the dust mites song. It’s not the cleverest piece of...
Dave Parrack
51 sec read

Dane Cook Hits Two Million Friends on Myspace (vid)

And he just had to tell us all about it, didn’t he?! Well, at least I can say that it is...
Julie Popp
42 sec read

Hey, Paula! Video Clip | Paula Abdul Loves Perfume

Maybe you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard . . . Paula Abdul now has her own reality show....
Katrina Robinson
32 sec read

Will Ferrell clip| Pearl’s Farewell Performance

Will Ferrell has caught some flack for including his friend’s toddler in his online comedy skits, but few would say the...
Michael van Cleave
27 sec read

CozmoTV | Free & Personal TV Channels from YouTube Videos

Ever thought it would be cool if all your favorite videos from sites like YouTube and MetaCafe all played continuously like...
Chris Tew
40 sec read

TVUPlayer Review | Get potentially any TV Channel over the internet for free

The new controversial TVUPlayer has appeared on the internet and could be the TV studio’s biggest enemy since Napster. This new...
Chris Tew
2 min read