Sam Marchant Big Brother 8 Video | The Twins, Emily & Chanelle Have A Foam Fight

40 sec read

The twins Sam and Amanda are either completely naive airheads or media savvy evil geniuses, I can’t out which it is.

While on first sight, you may think of them as pure, innocent little pink girly girls who wouldn’t harm a fly, the more I see if them, the more they remind me of 2 female Dr Evils.

OK, they’re slightly more attractive than Austin Powers nemesis, but I still think they know exactly what they are doing in the Big Brother house.

This video shows the twins parading around the garden wearing not very much, having a foam fight with Chanelle & Emily. Then one of them gets in the bath, and the other twin soaps her up.

No, it’s not porn, but let’s be honest, I’d pay good money to see some twin on twin action, and the foam would be an optional extra I’d expect to pay double for.

No wonder Brian and Liam have both fallen for these girls, they are masterminds at giving men what they want to see. Chances of them winning Big Brother? 4-1. Chances of a Sam and Amanda Calendar? Odds On!

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