Tattoo Remover Vid | Video Showing Spoof Product To Remove Tattoos

35 sec read

I love this video, a spoof infomercial for a tattoo remover done by the guys and gals at Saturday Night Live.

It looks at the phenomenon of women getting lower back tattoos, and why it may not be such a good idea long term.

I love the clip showing the morphing from a tattoo on a 20 year old’s back, to how it would look when the woman became older and wrinklier. The beauty of this spoof is that it’s actually kind of true… have you seen tattoos on old people? Ugh.

The only problem with the tattoo remover seems to be that instead of gently getting rid of said lower back tattoo, it burns it off, leading respectable middle aged moms to scream “motherfucker” at the top of their lungs. Well, you can’t have everything can you!

The funniest bit of the clip however is reserved for the ‘Weekend in Jamaica’ line. Inspired, and it made me laugh out loud, which is rare for American TV.


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