‘The Ring’ Video | Scaring Japanese Girls Spoof Prank

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This is a cool video courtesy of Metacafe showing what happens when you get a room full of Japanese girls together and show them a video of ‘The Ring‘, that classic and very scary horror film.

As you can see they lose it slightly as on the screen something climbs out of the TV and crawls menacingly towards one of the characters.

If you’ve never seen ‘The Ring‘, you’ll wonder why the girls seem to be plugging their ears and trying to look away from the screen?

Well the plot of the film is that if you watch a certain video, you’ll die within seven days, so the more gullible/superstitious of the girls obviously want to avoid this.

And then it gets even better, mimicking the final scenes in the film, a supposed ghoulish killer climbs out from beneath the TV in the room and heads for the girls. Their reactions are a joy to behold, as they almost crap themselves in fear.

A lot of the girls run off the set, and one seems to have completely lost it, crying her eyes out as if someone had actually died.

It’s a good laugh, but I can’t help thinking the programme makers missed a trick. Let’s just say if I was stuck in a room with a dozen teenage Japanese girls, I wouldn’t have been watching TV with them…

Instead, I’d be playing Human Tetris with them! Well, what did you think? Dirty minded fools, the lot of you.


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