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Watch 24 online with Fox on Demand

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Watch 24 online with Fox on Demand

Fox On DemandFox on demand has now added 24 to its lineup of TV shows that are available to watch on-demand online. Fox is now showing episodes of Season six on its website. Unfortunately this will only be available to viewers within the US, unless you can figure out how to use a proxy to cheat the system (I might have to show you guys how to do that sometime).

Other shows available on Fox on Demand include:

  • Bones
  • Are you smarter
  • The Winner
  • The War at Home
  • American Dad
  • The Loop
  • Prison Break
  • Standoff
  • Vanished
  • Talk Show with Spike FereSten
  • The Wedding Bells
  • Til Death

Compare this list to the small list of shows that Fox had last October. Fox has more than doubled the amount of shows it has made available online. This is definitely a good thing and a sign of things to come!

Fox aren’t the only ones doing this, ABC and NBC, among others, are also in on the act.

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