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Michael & Clark

Remember ‘Arrested Development? The hilarious American comedy executive produced by Ron Howard about the daily lives of a formerly-rich, mostly-dysfunctional family?

Or how about the more recent blockbuster ‘Superbad’? Both of these had Michael Cera in them; an up-and-coming comedic actor. What you may not know about him is his that he also starred in a funny webseries throughout this past year.

Alongside fellow actor Clark Duke, Cera formed a show about what it takes for script writers to pitch a TV series titled ‘Michael and Clark’.

Of course, the show they are trying to pitch is fictional, as are some of the TV networks they try to pitch it to, but that’s not the point of the show. The comedy gold comes from their miserable bad luck and clam, yet tension-building desperation.

The show can be seen as a blend between Cera’s past work. It has the usual dry humor of ‘Arrested Development’ with a touch of profanity from ‘Superbad’. So don’t be surprised when you hear Cera saying phrases like “They brushed our teeth with their dicks!”

Though the 10-episode series is now officially over, you can still watch it in its entirety at It should also be noted that ‘Michael and Clark’ won Best Comedy on TV Guide’s Inaugural Online Video Awards.

Series Preview

Here’s the preview to the series. It features cameos from other comedians like David Cross and Patton Oswalt.

[’Michael and Clark’ Official Site]

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