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The Rookie

Can’t wait for the next season of 24 to begin? Then you might want to bide your time with webisodes of ‘The Rookie.’ The web series is directed by 24′s current director of cinematography Rodney Charters and aims to “get fans of the show excited for Season 7.”

For the past two years, ‘The Rookie’ has been keeping 24 fans entertained by creating alternate stories in the 24 universe. In Day 3 (or season 3), each webisode involves Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) rookie Jason Blaine racing against the hands of time to save his boss.


Previous “seasons” of the web series have also been popular, to the point that FOX is seriously considering making a real spin-off series for TV. You can watch episodes of Day 1-3 on the Degree Men’s website (they are the official sponsor).

The Rookie: Day 3 Episode 1

This is the very first webisode of the new Day 3 series in which Blaine’s boss gets kidnapped by drug lords. Personally, I thought the directing and editing were top-notch, but the acting was still a little amateurish at points. A total of six webisodes are expected to be made.

[Watch ‘The Rookie’]

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