5 Classic Digg Videos | Kevin Rose, Diggnation, GeekBrief, Digg Spoof & More

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Digg LogoIf there are two things that I spend too much time doing online it’s watching entertaining videos and surfing Digg. Just to feed my addiction I thought I would bring the two together to highlight some of the best Digg Video Moments.


Diggnation Moment – Kevin Rose Spills Beer

Kevin Rose – the founder of Digg – a title that speaks for itself. But after all he is human and proves it here by opening a bottle of beer straight after dropping it – now that’s why I keep reminding myself not to drink beer while I’m on my laptop.

Digg The Code – GeekBrief Music Video

This brilliant song and video tells the story of the moment of Kevin Rose deciding to risk a lawsuit by allowing the code to be plastered all over his site, he made friends, enemies and headline news.

A Day In The Life Of A Typical Digger

This very funny video by Digg user MrBabyMan details a day in the life of a typical Digg addict. After watching this it was clear to me I wasn’t an addict, just an occasional user of the recreational drug that is Digg.

“Walmart Is Great For Wife Beaters!”

Another classic Diggnation moment as Kevin Rose decides to defame Walmart. Well, he doesn’t actually, I assume he was reading a Digg headline. The maker of this video did at least give Rose what he wanted, a dance remix of the moment.

What If Digg Were Real Life?

This guy decides to see what life would be like if Digg made its way in to real life. I’d love the opportunity to vote up or down things such as newspaper headlines, songs on my iPod and most importantly women’s butts.

So there we have it, 5 classic Digg videos. If anyone knows any more, or any better ones, just leave a comment.


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