Newscast Video From 1993 Predicting Success Of The Internet | Internet – The Early Years

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Well, if you are reading this post and watching this video, then you are already aware of the popularity of the Internet. Back in 1993, nearly 15 years ago, the “fad” of the Internet began to take off.

As I watch this video, I realize how ancient the technology was, even a mere 10 years ago, as I watch them type on this dinosaur for a computer in old DOS programming. You remember good old DOS, don’t ya?

In fact, I’m relatively part of that generation, stuck somewhere between the “Y” and the “X,” and even I studied DOS programming in High School. I didn’t even get my first computer, a really slow Compaq, until I was a junior in college.

Taking a trip down memory lane is always fun and it is humorous to think of the way people were talking about the Internet 14 years ago. New technology fad? Future of our world? Duh!

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