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Agere’s BluOnyx | The advanced WiFi media memory stick


Agere’s BluOnyx | The advanced WiFi media memory stick


Agere Systems has announced the BluOnyx mobile content server. This is a completely unique device that is a little difficult to sum up in a few words but I’ll go for it. Here’s how it works:

  • You copy media files from your PC onto your BluOnyx
  • You take your BluOnyx out and about with you
  • You use the BluOnyx to:
    1. copy, backup and store data like a regular memory stick
    2. copy data wirelessly from your cell phone or portable media players for backup to BluOnyx
    3. stream video or other media to single or multiple cell phones from BluOnyx
    4. connect your Bluetooth cell phone to the internet via BluOnyx

This is an interesting and unique concept. When you think of BluOnyx as a way to play media files or as a replacement to a regular PMP it may seem a bit long winded, but when you think of it as an advanced memory stick it all of a sudden sounds great.

BluOnyx Colors

This advanced memory stick has capacities of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10GB and 40GB and can be accessed from anywhere using your Bluetooth cell phone. This is a memory stick that allows you to access it via a WiFi or Bluetooth enabled cell phone or via portable media players. So you can get to your stored media from anywhere, stream the content to you and your friends portable devices and even connect a Bluetooth cell phone to the internet.

I personally think memory sticks will now begin to evolve into BluOnyx copycats. The cost of the device will be $99 to $250 depending on memory capacity and is expected to be released in summer 2007.

More information on the BluOnyx mobile content server

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