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Fancy watching some old comedy TV shows? Well has just added a section featuring some old classic comedy shows. Unfortunately the website looks like it was designed in the eighties, is pretty advert heavy, and doesn’t feature a full screen option. But if you can get past that (which I can’t) then there are some nice oldies to watch including:

There’s also some other vintage videos in other genres plus some old sports vids which even feature some rodeo.

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  1. I find the inclusion of videos here ironic, like an invitation to join in the societal voyeurism that is critiqued in the article. I could have justified watching them by saying to myself that they are there to help me understand the article better, but wouldn’t that have been missing the point?

  2. Oha, Zwickmuehle! Hmm, technische Sachen finde ich immer spannend, aber ich gestehe, dass ich oft auch “die kurze Version” fordere (mein Bester ist Geisteswissenschaftler und liebt den Schachtelsatz und breite Ausfuehrlichkeit).

  3. Non sono soluzioni da prendere a cuore leggero….Insomma è come un tumore: bisogna circoscrivere i danniQuello che reputo sbagliato in Merkozy è che si stanno cincischiando…..non stanno facendo nulla di effettivo a parte proclami….Quanto tempo hanno impiegato per “salvare la Grecia”?

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    May 21, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    Jag tycker absolut att du ska bjuda upp till lite Boot Camp övningar!! Det var skoj faktiskt! Jag tycker den där man ska slå varandra på låren är hysteriskt rolig. Jag skrattar som ett litet barn varje gång! Haha!Rackarns otur! Fick inte du heller någon bok!

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