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Clever Cat Vid | Smart Feline Eats With Fork and Chopsticks

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Clever Cat Vid | Smart Feline Eats With Fork and Chopsticks

Tessa is one clever cat. While most felines are content to lap up their food the old fashioned way, she’d much rather use a fork. Being so ladylike comes with obvious perks, including sitting at the table with her loving, but slightly kooky, family.

I cringed watching Tessa’s owner sing while washing her paws before dinner, but there’s no denying that this cat’s got skills. I have opposable thumbs, yet I still can’t manage to eat with chopsticks as well as this kitty.

Watching Tessa has inspired me to train my own cat to use a fork. He’s forever pestering me to sit up at the table. If his manners were this good, I’m sure I wouldn’t mind.

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