Car Football Video | “Top Gear” Pins Volkswagon Foxes vs. Toyota Aygos at Soccer

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When we think of extreme sports, soccer doesn’t exactly spring to mind. But what if each player got behind the wheel of a car? Surely that’d spice the game up.

Most of us are too sane to try it, but not the crew from the BBC’s Top Gear. In the tradition of the World Cup, Richard Hammond and his team of Volkswagon Foxes take on James May and a convoy of Toyota Aygos.

Take one gigantic ball, two oversized goals, a fleet of cars, and some testosterone-fuelled revheads, and you’ve got the recipe for one hair-raising game.

These guys drive like madmen, treating their vehicles like they’re bumper cars. It looks like an awful lot of fun, but car football may be one game that’s best left to the professionals.

If you haven’t had your fill of car soccer yet, we’ve included the video of the original Top Gear car football match below.

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