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Creepy Art Video | The Execution of Chocolate Bunnies

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Creepy Art Video | The Execution of Chocolate Bunnies

I can’t figure out whether this is the sickest or the most beautiful thing I’ve seen online. But one thing’s for sure, this short film definitely makes an impression.

It’s the brainchild of Sander Plug, a Dutch artist who must be just a little unhinged. In this piece, he spectacularly murders chocolate bunnies. Just as a painter carefully chooses his brushes, Sander chooses a different weapon for each rabbit slaughter.

It’s eerie watching those cute bunny faces slowly melting away, eyes sliding down and necks snapping off. The whole thing is made a little spookier by the sugary sweet soundtrack.

I still can’t work out whether I like this video or not. I think it’s terrible to destroy defenseless bunnies, even if they are only made from chocolate. But it definitely made me think, and that’s the point of a good film, isn’t it?

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