Eric ‘C*** Cantona Video | BBC News Sports Reporter (Un)Intentionally Says C Word

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Dropping the C Bomb seems to be coming something of a regular occurrence at the BBC these days. The latest example being a BBC News sports reporter ending a story with the immortal line, Eric C*** Cantona.

Eric Cantona may be a lot of things, and he may even be a bit of a c***. But there’s surely no need to call him out for being one of these on live television.

BBC News obviously didn’t get that memo, because the sports reporter can clearly be heard saying, “Eric C*** Cantona. There is no pause, no correction, no apology; he just says what he says and lets it stand.

While James Naughtie’s slip-up was clearly an unintentional error, I’m not so sure this was. Maybe the guy is a Liverpool fan ad couldn’t resist the chance to mock Cantona live on air. Whatever the truth, it’s very funny.


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