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If you’re fed up with all the scare tactics, over-inflated egos, and celebrity “news” that seems to be plaguing most mainstream news stations these days, look no further than for a better alternative.

One could almost compare the web TV station to C-SPAN- but with topics you actually care about.

It’s not that stations like CNN, Fox, and MSNBC don’t cover lectures and debates, they sometimes do. However, there is almost always opinionated commentary going on during them. eliminates this room for bias and even gives viewers a number of categories to choose from.


  • The Economy (Taxes, Poverty, Industry, etc.)
  • Green (Environmental Issues)
  • Politics (Spending, Crime, War, etc.)
  • Science (Theories, Predictions, New Findings)
  • Technology (New Inventions, Gadgets, etc.)
  • Culture (Entertainment, Religon, Sports, etc.)

Joe Pantoliano On The Downfall of ‘The Matrix’

Here’s a clip taken from the Culture section of where Joe Pantoliano who played Cypher in ‘The Matrix’ is interviewed. The entire interview clocks over an hour and covers many other topics.

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