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Funny ‘No Shit Sure Lock’ Commercial | A Shit Story Part 2 Video

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Funny ‘No Shit Sure Lock’ Commercial | A Shit Story Part 2 Video

Dating and poop must go hand in hand these days. Even though it’s a commercial this time, this video can be seen as a sequel to the “Shit Story” I posted earlier this week.

This time however, the lady involved doesn’t get away with her shitty problem.

After struggling to flush, plunge, and drain the backed-up toilet, the poor woman in this video ends up wrapping up the poop in toilet paper, and much like in the original ‘Shit Story’, plans to take it with her.

Satisfied with herself, she sets her things down and writes down her telephone number for her date the night before. As she steps out of his apartment, she realizes that she forgot the poop on the table next to her number!

She tries as hard as she can, but she’s unable to open the door. That’s because the lock on the door is made by Sure Lock. Then obvious pops up on the screen: “No Shit, Sure Lock(tm)”

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1 Comment

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