Clive Wearing’s Sad Story | Incredible Man Has No Memory

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Clive Wearing has a sad, incredible and scary condition called anterograde amnesia. After an accident twenty years ago, Clive’s mind cannot store any new memories. Clive’s condition is the exact opposite of Kim Peek. Clive remembers his wife, but all new people and memories cannot be remembered.

During a conversation with his wife, Clive forgets what she has told him only seconds afterwards. This is like a real-life “Memento.” All new information filters out of his memory.

This is truly a terrifying and heart-breaking condition. Clive doesn’t remember his children or nephews or nieces. Each time he sees his wife, he believes it’s the first time he’s seen her in an extremely long time.

We don’t put importance on something as pertinent as memory. Maybe this video will make us thankful for all of our memories.


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