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Mary Murphy Steals the Show? | So You Think You Can Dance Week 3 Vids

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Mary Murphy Steals the Show? | So You Think You Can Dance Week 3 Vids

That woman is a little bit nuts, known for her crazed, loud scream and corny metaphors, but everyone eagerly awaits her next quirky comment or ear-piercing scream on So You Think You Can Dance.

You know her lines. Mary is making famous such phrases as “You’ve got 2 tickets for the Hot Tamale Train,” “You cut the mustard tonight,” and “Soaring like an eagle.”

But obviously, I’m not here to write about Mary. Is it just me, or is the caliber of dancing so much higher this season compared to last?! All the dancers are just so incredible; I have too many favorites than there is room to write.

Three dances really stood out amongst the rest, and that was Kameron and Lacey’s quick step, which is normally the “kiss of death” (thanks Mary for that one!), Hok and Jaimie’s hummingbird and blossom jazz dance (I told you Wade was amazing), and Sabra and Dom’s sexy, hot rumba (the first appearance for this dance style on this show).

And yes, all 3 couples were safe this week. I was sad about Jessi’s scare, and now her exit from the show. She was one of the best dancers and she will be missed.

I nearly cried when Jesus was sent home, and Jessi was an obvious mistake. Next week, it really should be Shauna or Anya, and Cedric. Oh well, guess we can’t get too comfortable as I hear they will be changing partners down the road, and then we will see who is riding on whose coattails.

Here are the 3 favorite dances from last week.

Kameron and Lacey

Hok and Jaimie

Sabra and Dominic

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