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William Shatner Music Vid | Star Trek’s Captain Kirk “Singing” Elton John’s Rocket Man

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William Shatner Music Vid | Star Trek’s Captain Kirk “Singing” Elton John’s Rocket Man

Elton John’s Rocket Man is one of the best songs ever, evocative, tuneful and class. This cover version by William Shatner at the 1978 Sci-Fi awards show is none of the above. Instead it makes for a comedic and weirdly hypnotic video

From the way he draws the cigarette smoke in and says “high” right through to the drunken performance of the last verse it’s hilarious. You can’t beat a bit of Seventies cheese for entertainment, and this ticks all the boxes.

He made a great Starship captain in Star Trek, but unfortunately his singing or ‘interpretation’ skills leave a lot to be desired. Stick to the acting Bill, I’m sure you can manage to throw yourself around the Enterprise as if it’s been struck by a meteor for a few more years… just leave off the singing ok.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alpha Rabbit

    August 9, 2007 at 4:35 am

    As always, a muy impressive mesmerizing performance, yet sewing buttons, would somebody please redigitalize it for us, because the quality of the video is almost zero. Please redigitize it and put it back up so it can be appreciated in it’s original form. My thank horseshoes to Mr. Shatner! …and I hope think though, that it won’t BE…a long long time… before touchdown comes along again, that this video… is restored. Meow!
    ………………………S t a r………D r i f t..
    Danger! ‘Alien corn’….approaching!

    …Not by the way, my very belated condolences to all of Ms. Segourney Weaver’s fans, How sad it is that Jonesy was the only survivor of ALL the Alien movies. but buttons, what does that say about all these cats. That they planned and instigated the whole the whole darn yarn time plot of thing from the very begining! It all seems so clear now. Jonesy had his foot in it, up to his little vulcan ears, the whole time.The crews never had a chance! And neither do we! …But that little Atom, …is another story

    05: ready?
    Error! Break in 56

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