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MySpace Sucks Rap Video | Yep, Sometimes It Does

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MySpace Sucks Rap Video | Yep, Sometimes It Does

How ironic to see this video after two days of MySpace message problems, followed by bulletin issues, and my friend’s account getting hacked and her hundreds of bulletin spams about blowjobs, cows and boobs.

I admit that I use it pretty frequently to message a few friends, but I’ll also admit that it drives me crazy sometimes. Not to mention the fact that I couldn’t figure out how to create a dang page until I asked a friend, but I also have been hacked and only found out when my friend asked me why there was a naked lady dancing on my page.

There are many holes in the “system,” and I would warn anyone that is under 17 that there is a good chance you will be hit on by some creepy old dude, that you will get hacked and spam your friends with porn, and that you will see a lot of fake people, with fake boobs, begging to be your friend… but don’t take the bite.

There are ways to protect your page, and you should just keep to the friends you know. Stay safe out there, and innocent.

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