George Bush Singing Videos | Sunday Bloody Sunday, Endless Love, Tony Blair Duet & more

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George Bush SingingHere’s a great and hilarious music video of the classic U2 track, Sunday Bloody Sunday, performed by George Bush himself!

Sunday Bloody Sunday is of course a classic song by U2 from the 1983 album War. The song is about the Bloody Sunday incident that happened in Northern Ireland in 1972 where 26 civil rights protesters were shot by members of the British Army.

Not sure what the person who made this video was trying to get accross, but it sure is funny!

George Bush singing Sunday Bloody Sunday

This is pure genius featuring sound-bits from Bush’s speeches to create the song in Bush-style. The way this video captures Bush’s expressions is fantastic!

President Bush sings Imagine and Walk on The Wild Side Remix

This video seamlessly mixes in and out from the verses of John Lennon’s Imagine and Lou Reed’s Walk on The Wild Side. George Bush is our star singer!

All the colored girls sing…

Prime Minister Tony Blair and George Bush sing the romantic love song Endless Love

Here Tony Blair and George Bush declare their undying love for each other with their own dubbed duet of Endless Love, originally performed by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie.

Tony Blair rocks out with Should I Stay or Should I Go!

Well Bush got his chance to shine with Sunday Bloody Sunday and now it is Tony Blair’s chance to rock out with The Clash’s 1981 hit Should I Stay or Should I Go!

Colin Powell Sings YMCA

Bush and Blair might get a little embarrassed when they see themselves being dubbed singing Endless Love, but at least George Bush and Tony Blair can say they have never got on stage and sung YMCA in front of a live audience.

Colin Powell however, can’t say the same….

John Ashcroft Sings Let the Eagle Soar

Some politicians even go as far as writing their own songs. The video below is of John Ashcroft, the former Missouri Senator and U.S. Attorney General, singing Let The Eagle Soar, which he composed and wrote himself.

The song was used in Michael Moore’s film Fahrenheit 9/11 and is frequently mocked on comedy shows such as The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and the Late Show with David Letterman. I’ll let you be the judge…

Still want more?

See Bush singing We Will Rock You and a Blair and Bush Duet of Gay Bar!

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