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Virgin Central | Virgin’s new on-demand web TV channel


Virgin Central | Virgin’s new on-demand web TV channel

Virgin LogoI recently found out that Virgin will be launching it’s own free Web TV Channel called Virgin Central. However, this is not something you will find on the web as it will only be available on internet connected TV sets.

Web TV in general is great but there is often a lack of more familiar TV shows because many TV networks feel uneasy about putting their TV shows online. However, Virgin Central will be an on-demand TV channel which will feature some great TV shows including:

  • The OC
  • Nip/Tuck
  • West Wing
  • Little Britain
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Alias
  • Criminal Minds
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • CSI: Miami

Virgin Central will allow you to choose from a selection of shows to watch on demand, with the videos available being updated and changed on a regular basis.

Virgin Central is UK based and will only be available to UK viewers. It represents the start of a transition to on-demand video content that is taking place accross the world. It was only last week that the BBC iPlayer, which will soon be delivering on-demand videos for all BBC programming, was given a preliminary go ahead.

Virgin is already very keen on the whole internet thing, I recently got a letter telling me that Virgin had taken over my local broadband, TV and telephone provider, Telewest.

Virgin also already offers an internet video download service where you can rent movies over the internet for £1.50 – £3.50.

Virgin Central is already being announced on Telewest/Virgin subscriber’s TV sets under channel 119, which will be the new home for Virgin Central.

Virgin Central will be free and will launch on February 20th.

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