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Scivee | The Science World’s Answer to YouTube


Scivee | The Science World’s Answer to YouTube


The Internet was partly founded on the basis that educational establishments from around the world could share information quickly and easily, and SciVee takes a leaf from the book of YouTube to bring this notion right up to date.

Think of it as the king of video sharing website’s younger, more studious, geekier brother and you’re some way to weighing up just what the site has to offer.

SciVee allows scientists from around the world to upload video and synchronize it to their papers. They can also publish podcasts, create a personal profile and join groups with other likeminded souls.

You certainly won’t be visiting SciVee for your daily entertainment fix because everything currently on show is seriously complex (‘Phylogeny determined by domain content’, anyone?), but as a growing resource it certainly has potential.

Who knows? Perhaps SciVee will blossom into an archive of science-based videos for all abilities, not just those with an academic passion for the subject. Let’s hope so.

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