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The Dust Mites Song Video | They May Cause Skin Allergies But They’re Cute!

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The Dust Mites Song Video | They May Cause Skin Allergies But They’re Cute!

This is a fun little video showing an animated rendition of the dust mites song. It’s not the cleverest piece of animation I’ve ever seen, but it works on some daft, infantile level.

Apparently there can be up to 2 million dust mites in your bed… but I think that’s a worst case scenario if you are a dirty person who never washes their quilt.

Regardless of the truth, you still share your bed with lots of tiny insects which live off dust and bits of dead skin which you shed during the night. It makes you want to go and incinerate your bed doesn’t it!?!

The problem is that these little buggers can cause skin allergies in people, and so you’re advised to wash your bed sheets often.

A good trick for motivation is to imagine these critters 100 times bigger. See, I thought that would work.

“Can I have the washing machine tonight love, I have an urgent need to clean something! Oh, and I almost forgot, we have to sleep on the floor from now on!”

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