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Shia LaBeouf Apologizes for Racist Rant During Arrest for Public Drunkenness

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Shia LaBeouf Apologizes for Racist Rant During Arrest for Public Drunkenness

Actor Shia LaBeouf apologized on Wednesday for his racist rant against Georgia police officers. LaBeouf’s tirade occurred while he was being arrested for public drunkenness on Saturday.

The Transformers star says he is struggling with addiction. In a statement on Twitter, the actor called the incident a new low and blamed his behavior on his complete disrespect for authority.

LaBeouf asked for forgiveness and said he was taking the necessary steps to get sober.

“I am deeply ashamed of my behavior and make no excuses for it,” LaBeouf said. “My outright disrespect for authority is problematic to say the least, and completely destructive to say the worst.”

The actor called his behavior a new low and that he hopes this low is a bottom.

In bodycam footage obtained by TMZ, LaBeouf told one black police officer he was going to hell.

The actor’s arrest came after he approached a bystander and a police officer asking for a cigarette. According to a statement from the Savannah police department, LaBeouf began using profanities and became disorderly when he wasn’t given a cigarette.

LaBeouf became aggressive toward the police officer after being asked to leave the area.

The actor, who is filming the movie “The Peanut Butter Falcon” in Savannah, has been called “well-prepared,” “incredibly professional” and “so nice” by other people on set, according to TMZ.

The crew, which is now halfway through filming the movie, was shocked by LaBeouf’s behavior.

LaBeouf has a history with law enforcement, including theft at ages nine and 11. He also ran into legal trouble for allegedly attempting to stab a neighbor and refusal to leave a Walgreens store.

The actor was back on set on Monday and has continued shooting the film ever since. It is unclear whether LaBeouf will be checking himself into rehab.

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