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The Killer Bean 2 | Stage 6 Video

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The Killer Bean 2 | Stage 6 Video

Killer Bean 2

It’s Stage6 Day here on Web TV Wire and Web TV Hub (23/04/07). Learn more…

Here is another Stage6 video recommended by Darrius Thompson, co-founder of DivX. This time it’s a hardcore bean that’s pretty handy with a gun and pissed off with some other beans that are partying too loud.

You will need to install the DivX web player to watch this video and other high quality videos from Stage6.

There’s a one minute advert at the beginning that you might want to skip past.

For those of you that don’t want to install the DivX web player and watch it in high quality, you can watch it in low quality on YouTube.

The Killer Bean video was originally made in 2000 by Jeff Lew before internet video took off. It’s a professional production that was made with reasonably accessible tools. Jeff Lew created everything in the Killer Bean himself including the soundtracks and he has now moved on to work on movies like Matrix Reloaded and X-men. 

The Killer Bean 2 was 3 years in the making, 2 months of rendering, 11 gigabytes of rendered frames, 133 different shots, 1 computer and 1 person.

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