Taser Videos

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Occasionally Web TV Hub likes to bring you some funny or interesting videos from around the web. So here are some great Taser videos to keep you entertained. Its always good fun watching other people in pain!

Taser Video 1 – Cop practicing shoots colleague in the groin!


Taser Video 2 – Fat Guy Tazered into submission


Taser Video 3 – Girl gets tasered while already restrained

This taser video has caused quite a stir and has had over 7 million views on YouTube. This girl gets tasered while she is on the floor and lets out some pretty big screams!


Taser Video 4 – Guy in prison cell screams like a girl when tasered

He’s kicking off and giving it all mouth and then gets the tazer…


Taser Video 5 – Cop killer gets tasered in court


Taser Video 6 – Dog gets tasered

It hurts dogs just as much as people


Taser Video 7 – How to make a Taser from a disposable camera

Just in case you wanted to know how.


More Taser Videos:

– On a seperate note – Follow the diet story of a fat geek!
– Have you been tasered? Chances are you need a lawyer. See San Diego attorneys and legal resources.

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