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SearchForVideoI’m sure by now everyone has heard of video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Video and Daily Motion which are packed with user generated videos; TV clips and even some full episodes.

However, you may not be so aware of the video clip search engines that have began to crop up since these video websites became popular. You might be thinking “Why the hell do I need a Video Search Engine for, isn’t that just what YouTube is?”

Well YouTube will only show you videos that are hosted on YouTube and not videos from anywhere else on the web. A video search engine connects you with videos from many different sources on the internet so you are a lot more likely to find the video your want.

One example of a video search engine is which has recently began to become a lot more popular. The latest news from SearchForVideo is that it launched a new Music Video Channel on Tuesday.

“The new music video channel features popular music videos from around the web as determined by the audience. Every month special features and new music video releases will be available on the music video channel to ensure viewers can connect with their favorite artists”.

It is pretty much just a selection of music videos from around the net with the ability to search for your favorite artist. All search results are accompanied by a thumbnail picture of the video clip.

Check out the SearchForVideo Music Video Channel and also check out the artist directory for your favorite musicians.

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